Davide Luciano -New York Food Photographer - Food Photography NYC


Meals Interrupted captures the disappointment and sense of abandonment that accompanies a gathering that is suddenly and unexpectedly ended. The stunning gastronomical landscapes manage to tell intriguing stories with just the remains of a meal. The scenarios include: "Honeyed" a picnic ravaged by an army of  bees,  "Tossed" a a full-blown cafeteria food fight, "Soaked" a pretty in pink birthday party spoiled by a thunderstorm , "Al Dente" an italian lunch ruined by a calculated mob hit and “Charred” a romantic seafood feast burned to a literal crisp. The images juxtapose the splendor of extravagant meals with jarring, sometimes sickening interruptions. The scenes were created authentically with the help of food stylist Claudia Ficca who meticulously prepared each dish.  Staying true to Luciano's style,  the atmospheres are rife with black humor.  


20 X 30" Edition of 7 + 1 AP

48 X 72" Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Printed on high gloss acrylic face mounting which boast museum-quality, archival photo paper. Crisp, stunning images. Glass-like appearance. Reverse wall mounts float art off the wall, giving it a weightless presentation. 

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