Solo exhibitions

2013 Potholes, Maison de la culture, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montréal Québec, July 13 - September 22

2013 Potholes, Centre Elgar, Ville de Montréal - Verdun Québec, June 19 - August 16

2012 Sheep Nation & Potholes, Smile Design Gallery, NYC, Dec 2012

2012 Sheep Nation, Pentimento Fine Art Gallery, Toronto Ontario, May 3- June 3

2011 Potholes, Galerie D’Avignon, 88 Rue Laurier, Montréal Québec, Sept 8 - 22        

         Potholes, Make Art Public, various public advertising venues located across Canada

2010 Potholes, Pentimento Fine Art Gallery, Toronto Ontario, June 3 - August 8        

         Potholes, Soho Photo Gallery, New York NY, February 2-27 2009

         Potholes, Yellow Fish Art Gallery, Montreal Quebec, October

Selected group exhibitions

2013  Potholes, Culture Shawinigan, Shawinigan Québec, October 4 - 27

2012 Potholes, Zoom Media, various public advertising venues located across Canada         

         Potholes, Art Souterrain, Montreal Québec, February 26 - March 13

2011 Potholes, First Canadian Place (FCP Summer Salon 5), Toronto Ontario, July - August

2010 Potholes, Foto Week Festival, Washington DC, November 3-1       

         Potholes, Agora Gallery, New York NY, August 17- September 7         

         Potholes, Yeiser Art Center, Kentucky IL, June 19- July 24         

         Potholes, F-STOP Magazine, Online exhibit, April 1-30



2013 Brooklyn Watches, David Sokosh makes watches one at a time by hand in his studio in Brooklyn, New York. 01:50 minutes.

2013  Billy Reid, Billy Reid {made to measure} is an American fashion designer. 03:10 minutes.

2013 Terrapin Stationers & Printing Co, creates the finest engraved stationery, all Made in America. 01:21 minutes.

2012 E Vogel, Family-owned since 1879, this custom-order and shoe-repair-shop makes men's dress shoes and jodhpur boots. 01:56 minutes.

2012 Cooking for Friends vol 4. Pizza, Cooking Series. 01:47 minutes.

2011 Cooking for Friends vol 3. Lasagne al Forno, Cooking Series. 01:30 minutes.

2011 Cooking for Friends vol 2. Tiramisu, Cooking Series. 01:52 minutes.

2011 Cooking for Friends vol 1. Tagliatelle con funghi, Cooking Series. 01:47 minutes.

2009 Dirty Pig, short drama/horror, color, 01:05 minutes. Surrealist short exposing a role reversal of animal cruelty. Screened by PETA.

2008 Hopscotch, short drama, silent, black & white, 01:04 minutes. The last moments of an elderly woman’s life when she revisits a final memory of herself playing hopscotch as a child.

2006 Honey, short drama, color, 05:47 minute. An insight on the lives of three women victims of different forms of abuse by their fathers.

2005 School'd, short documentary, color, 10:12 minutes. Inspirational story about a group inner- city teens in Toronto

2004 Elvis Italiano, short documentary, color, 08:25 minutes. A glimpse in the life of an Elvis impersonator living in Montréal.

2003 Milk, short drama, color 06:27 minutes.An insight on the lives of three boys being victim of different forms of abuse by their mothers.


2008 Milk - Screened, New Filmmaker Festival, New York, NY

2003 Milk - Screened, Montreal World Film Festival, Montréal, Quebec        

         Milk - Screened, Toronto Italian Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario


2010 Award of Excellence, Solomon Guggenheim Museum by Ms. Megan Fontanella, NYC        

         Award of Excellence, Photographer’s Forum Magazine         

         Winner - Fine Art competition - The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, NYC       

         Finalist - Photography competition - Palm Springs Photo Festival        

         Finalist - Photography competition - Photographer’s Forum Best of Photography 2010

2009 Winner - Photography competition - MAP (Mouvement Art Public / Make Art Public), Montreal

2003 Winner - Best director, Milk - Toronto Film School



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Photoshop Certificate, Dawson College, Montréal Québec. 2009

Photography, Dawson College, Montréal Québec. 2008

Toronto Film School, Certificate Film Directing- Toronto, Ontario. 2003

Dawson College , Creative Arts. 1999

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